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I once read that most men live lives of quiet desperation. 

I used to be one of those men and I didn’t even know it.

You might be one of those men, too.  

But here’s what I know about you - you have more fire in you and you know it! 

You feel the gnawing of greatness in your belly.

However most men go their whole life and never answer the call of greatness -- they silence the voice and accept a life of mediocrity only to end up on their deathbed with a deafening echo of a lifetime of regret.

The truth is -- we are all going to die someday. 

And if you were to die tomorrow, how would your eulogy read?
And if you were to die tomorrow, how would your eulogy read?
Hey Brother, 

If you’re here on this site then I can already tell you’re not like most men.

If you landed on this web page it’s because you are answering the call -- you know you’re meant for more… you’re just not quite sure how to get there. 

You recognize that you have a pilot light burning in your gut that could very easily turn into a raging inferno of greatness if you can just break through your limiting beliefs and rise to your potential.
If you are on this page you recognize that SOME men seem to have it all -- a balance in their Four F’s:

 - Faith: An unbreakable attitude that they can do, be, or have anything they are willing to work for.
 - Fitness: In not only of their physical body but their emotional resilience and mental toughness.
 - Family: Healthy relationships with their spouse and kids and the respect and admiration of those that they lead. 
 - Finances: Wealth, business success and financial freedom. 
These Men who inspire greatness share one thing in common... 

But before I get to that I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Bedros Keuilian, I am the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, an international fitness franchise chain, author of the Wall St. Journal best-selling book MAN UP, a lifetime entrepreneur — also the creator of The Project. 

The Project is a 75 hour full immersive experience for Men designed to test you and break through your limits and show you areas that you’ve been blind to… 

…to give you the tools to rewrite your future and to free you from mediocrity. 

The Project is administered by Men that have turned their suffering into super powers and are truly living lives of example — your instructors for this 75 hour experience are myself, US Navy Seal Ray Care, US Marine Steve Eckert, former SWAT officer Matt Schneider and MMA expert our Erin Alejandrino.

The Project is a 75 hour physical, mental and emotional experience equivalent to 5 years of personal development, therapy, leadership training and high level business coaching to give you the edge most men simply don’t have.  

Great Men who live lives of inspiration, impact and significance choose to suffer. 

Suffering forges character
Suffering develops self-awareness 
Suffering uncovers superpowers 
Suffering builds bonds with brothers
And suffering separates average men from great men. 

Make no mistake about it, the project will make you suffer as it forges you into a modern day knight.

No matter where you are in your current life you will enduring suffering during The Project — but I want you to think of suffering as an investment — think of it as the dues that must be paid in order for you to become the greatest version of yourself.
The Project was developed for men who want to level up in…
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Life’s Vision and Core Values
  • ​Business, Career and Wealth
  • Family and Relationship​
  • ​​Life Purpose and Mission
  • ​​Emotional Resilience
  • ​​Mental Toughness
  • ​Decision Making​
  • ​Fitness and Health
If you’re ready to step up and step into the man you’re man you’re meant to be, I would like you to apply and explore the possibility of who you can become once you re-ignite your fire and reach your fullest potential.

The alternative to keep your head buried in the sand. To ignore the gnawing in your gut and to choose a life of mediocrity.

Talk soon, 

Bedros Keuilian 
The Project is a 75 hour immersive experience designed to level you up in your personal leadership, business, family, mindset, and health and fitness.

Meet your instructors. 
Bedros Keuilian, founder of Fit Body Boot Camp a global fitness franchise and the Empire Show which teaches entrepreneurs to build Empires and create legacies, bestselling author of Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life) and creator of The Project. 

Ray Care, US Navy SEAL, speaker, peak performance coach and LTD (Leadership and Team Development) Facilitator helping companies CONQUER the battlefield of business. 

Steve Eckert, US Marine, 7 figure earning business owner and coach, Co-owner of LTD (Leadership and Team Development) an immersive experience to turn businesses and their employees into high performance profit generating teams. 

Matt Schneider, SWAT Operator, US Marshal Fugitive Task Force Officer.

Erin Alejandrino, Project Gatekeeper, VP of TruLean Nutrition - mixed martial arts expert.

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